Letter from an Ordinary Mother

Office Canteen

Dear Perfecummy,
Hope this letter finds you in the pink of your holiday project’s cover. I know I have taken too long to write to you and my sincere apologies for the delay. I know the late submission may cost me grade A from your side but please consider this effort as my earnest one and give me extra bonus if possible for neat handwriting. I know I know this is typed on a lousy laptop and not a Mac book, but still I used MS word and should be given credit for being at least not too technologically challenged.
You keep giving me tips on parenting and I swear I try to apply them. In fact, I try to learn from you by observing you too. Well only last PTM when you sat ahead of me for a good 45 minutes and discussed best practices for learning vocabulary, math tables and scoring well in NTSTE. I took mental note of what all can be discussed when my turn came. But alas when it was my turn the teacher started with “ this boy is the naughtiest one…he is never on is seat…look at his handwriting…he speaks in Hindi….he….” needless to say by the time she finished her 5 minute monologue, I just glared at my son. Both husband and I promised to “work on him” and left. Of course later just outside the classroom while my boy took off with his friends chasing them and being playful; husband and I did not waste time on blaming each other for another red faced PTM. Husband was also quick to point out how impeccably dressed you and your brood were while we looked as we were in the society park for leisure.
When I surveyed the class projects displayed I could see a well bound pink file artistically and tastefully done and immediately knew it was yours. My own attempt after being up all night was not only pale but the sheets were also not found together. God knows what happened in transit, it looked better when I made it.
I remember the last time we met and you advised me to get my son for Cricket coaching in the evening, guitar in the afternoon and tuitions in the slot left in between. I did try that and it worked for a total of two days. On day 3 my son was back to Doremon in afternoon, society kabaddi in evening and homework done in the car next morning while going to school. I so wish I had children who listened to me! I mean how do you manage to do it? I really admire the way you manage this. The discipline and manners your children show is impeccable. I remember the last birthday party where my own was pushing, shoving and fighting to poke finger in the perfectly made cake and running amok for the return gift. While I saw your children sitting nicely at tables eating and accepting anything with a polite thank you.
You yourself are yummy mummy while your children are new age “Shravan Kumars”. How I wish I can be like you….I want you to write a book which delineates these steps in detail. If I have the next child (you advise me a lot on the benefits of having at least two children); I shall certainly start him/her on steps written by you.
Hoping things are great at the Sports Academy and the Spell Bee Club. Waiting for your letter with tips you so generously give always.
Your (trying to be) friend,
P.S.: Could you WhatsApp me Class work of 11 Aug and also the Unit Test Dates?


4 thoughts on “Letter from an Ordinary Mother

  1. Namrata this is hilarious! I could absolutely see myself being the ‘averageummy’. I am always in awe of such women who you have very rightly said are ‘You yourself are yummy mummy while your children are new age “Shravan Kumars”. ‘

    Superb! I can see why this piece won the second place. 🙂


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