Perfect film for lifting your spirits! This one entertains, entertains…entertains. Sunil Dutt takes up a non-conventional role and a villager get up and does justice. As Bhola he is so naïve and charming. (Watch his  Mujhe Jeene Do for a contrast!)

Saira Banu is beautiful. When she croons Bhai Battur; in the bathtub she is super sexy. She leaves no  stone unturned  to make Bhola jealous of Masterji. She is the center of attraction in the film and her casting is justified.

Kishore Kumar when not playing the hero goes extra mile and that is the beauty of Padosan (and Pyaar Kiye Jaa). When he sings…

‘Meri pyaari Bindu…meri bholi Bindu…meri matheri bindu…meri sindoori bindu…’ it entertainment par excellence.

Mehmood with his getup of Masterji and his ‘Ek Chatur Naar…’ keeps you in splits. The face-off between masterji and Bhola is well crafted and gives you some cult classics. After all it is Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar. Manna Dey is a delight in this film!

The story is a little different too where Mama and Bhanja both want to marry the same girl.

Padosan is worth your time…as many times you watch it.

‘Ghoda…chatur…ghoda chatur….’



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