Othello is adapted and is handled beautifully by Vishal Bhardwaj. Vishal has a solid understanding of treatment such films need. He gets the pulse right and does not let go of the audience interest. And if he is involved in the film’s music then you get a winner.

Ajay Devgan, lets his eyes do the talking. Not a big fan of his action movies I was impressed first with him in Zakhm. He restored my faith in ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and then sealed the deal with Omkara. A man in love cursed by the girl’s father; he is powerful enough to usurp a dynasty but weak to succumb to hearsay. Ajay delivers a power packed performance and you feel for the guy.

Kareena Kapoor as the misfit Desdemona with Othello; looks her part. She is beautiful and headstrong and wears a color that compliments her character and looks…white mostly in the film.

Konkana, Bipasha and Vivek do justice to their roles but it is Saif Ali Khan who takes the cake. Ishwar, addressed as langda due to his limp, is spiteful and dark. His inferiority complex, coupled with his insecurity make the film’s narrative crisp. He plots, he seethes, he kills and smiles all like a true actor. Saif found his calling with this film!(Not to mention he even had THE Desdemona in real life later).

I know ‘Bidi jalaile …’ is the famous and acclaimed one and one cannot get enough of Bipasha; but my favorite is ‘Zubaan pe Laaga…’ What a song!  When Rekha sings ‘Raat bhar chhhana chhana re…’ hear her out…she is awesome.

Ah but for kamar and kamarbandhs; there would have not been any wars….



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