Nadiya ke Paar (1982)

New movies can be made on old stories, some may outdo the old ones too…but I love originals always. I will never take credit from Madhuri Dixit for what she did to Hum Aapke Hain Kaun; I am in fact one of her fans and would have reviewed Mrityudand had ‘M’ not been booked for Smita. If you can fall in love with simplicity and Bhojpuri you will love this movie, if you cannot; watch it and fall in love.

This film also scores as actors become characters. Sachin remained untapped in hindi films due to his innocent looks that typecast him for only some roles. He can deliver with ease and in Satte Pe Satta he clearly outshines Amitabh.  He speaks slowly at times and is like a machine gun when exited, he reminds me of Kaka (Rajesh Khanna) when he delivers his dialogues.

The movie belongs to him…Sadhna Singh as Gunja is powerful…but Chandan stays with you.

Chandan falls in love with his Bhauji’s sister and little pranks they play on each other blossoms into love. In trying times though love is to be sacrificed for duty and new relationships should be forged with grace and ease. The mind understands …ah but for the heart…

The songs of the movie are beautiful….hummable and are overflowing with simplicity.

‘Kaun disa me leke chala re…’ is one and ‘Sachi kahe tohre…’ is the other.

Watch the song ‘Jogi ji dheerey dheerey’ to get the idea of village holi fun. Yes men and women were supposed to play holi separately unlike ‘dushman bhi gale mil jate hain …’ in other film villages.

This film is sweet and an apt window to the village life in North India.


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